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What Makes You Different From Other Agents?

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Established agents already possess a stronghold on the market and won’t willingly give up their piece of the pie. Therefore, it becomes even more vital for agents to differentiate their services and tactics, setting themselves apart from the pack.

If there’s one thing we can speak to, it’s that being different is far easier said than done. Most real estate agents end up mirror images of one another.

It’s why many industry professionals are lost in the shuffle.

Of course, selling real estate CAN be a highly lucrative venture when agents find a way to be different.

Which then begs the question—how do you make yourself stick out in such a competitive market, that’s being heavily impacted by a new normal?

Leveraging the User Experience

Usually, if we were to talk about user experience (UX), many people associate it strictly with the digital, online world. Terms like eCommerce and apps spring to mind, not necessarily real estate.

However, the world we live in is primarily based online. Successful real estate agents understand they must leverage this consumer behaviour. They know that this is where their target market congregates, and in turn, do everything they can to customize the buying and selling process to meet those tendencies.

Being profitable in real estate means streamlining the process for customers by being visible. This way, they don’t have to put in hours of leg work to find you.

You likely know this already—but leveraging those insights seems like a pipedream without a massive budget.

Ignite360 is the Difference-Maker

Considering the value of an ideal user experience combined with the need to stand out from the pack, real estate agents should be ecstatic about Ignite360.

Without having to blow your budget on marketing, this savvy tool only requires you syncing your Google MyBusiness, LinkedIn, and Facebook account. From there, the AI technology automates your listings, and automatically manages your search, chat, vocal, and social apps. This allows agents to find more buyers in a fraction of the time, while barely lifting a finger.

Plus, your properties will be displayed on Google and Smart Speakers like Alexa, further diversifying and differentiating your user experience.

Are you interested in setting yourself apart from your competitors?

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